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Awesome Testimony

A 15-year-old was inside a bus, he got up and he said to the Passengers that the coming of the Lord Jesus was close. So a man shouted, shut up, you don’t know anything and that Jesus doesn’t even exists. The young man was embarrassed and sat down. But God kept bothering him so that he would rise again and keep talking about the coming of Jesus. And he obeyed the voice of God and kept saying: Jesus is coming back to repent of your evil ways and accept Him. Then the man rose with a child, we have arms to attack the young man, the child said to him: Do not hit him daddy he is a sent from God. Then the man fell to his knees and began to cry the young man asked him: Why are you crying? That man said: My son was mute and now he is talking..
Moral of the story: God is faithful and honor the faith of his chosen!
If you believe that God does miracles leave your amen

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