emmanuel adebayor shows off his exotic cars as a motivation after defending his decision days after promising to donate money to people during this convid 19.

Starting with a customised royce rolls the video shows more exotic cars ,including four benze, two porches, BMW and a range rover.

The caption read: ‘#MondayMotivation This video is not a message to tell you ‘SEA has made it’, but rather to say ‘You can do it too!’ All you need to do is believing in yourself and keep working even when no one is watching. Tag a friend who needs to see this.’

Adebayor, who is currently isolating in his native Togo, refused to give money to help battle the deadly virus before expressing his desire to be able to do as he pleases with his wealth.

But, while currently isolating back in Togo’s capital of Lome, Adebayor doubled down on his no donation stance as the former captain of the national team dismissed the notion of responsibility on his shoulders to use his money to help against COVID-19.

The country, at the time of writing, has 124 confirmed COVID-19 cases and nine people have died from the virus.

Across the entire continent, the health care systems are not as strong as the ones in the UK or USA and Simon Antara, of the African Field Epidemiology Network, explained: ‘We are preparing for disaster.’