The Things men do for love !!!!

In Colonial Lagos , Lady Oyinkan Ajasa (Lady Oyinkan Abayomi) was born daughter of Sir Kitoye Ajasa, a Yoruba aristocrat who was the first Nigerian to be knighted by the British, and Lucretia Olayinka Moore, a princess of Egba royal family, in Lagos, was born on March 6, 1897.

She schooled at the Anglican Girls’ Seminary in Lagos and graduated in 1909. From there to Young Ladies Academy at Ryford Hall, Gloucestershire. In 1917, she attended the Royal Academy of Music in London. She moved back to Lagos in 1920 and became a music teacher at the Anglican Girls’ Seminary. It was during this time when she met a lawyer named Mr Moronfolu Abayomi ( the love of her life ) whom she married in 1923.
He was aasasinated 2 months later in court, she was devastated and didn’t want to marry anyone ever again .

Dr Kofo John wanted to marry her and her response was, “you have to change your name to my late husband’s name – Abayomi”
Guess what happened?

He agreed, married her and changed his name to Dr Kofo Abayomi .
The very famous Dr Kofo Abayomi

In this picture , Lady Oyinkan Abayomi arrives a social function in Lagos with her husband Dr Kofo Abayomi

Things men do for love !


Meet Nwobodo Favour Chisimdi Emerald. She is a Polyglot speaking nine foreign languages without leaving Nigeria for once. She speaks Korean, Swahili, Shona, Indonesian, Filipino, Spanish, German, french, Chinese, English and Igbo and currently learning Yoruba.
The kind of pure talent that DSS should be recruiting but we do not respect talents in this country.

Nigerians got talent and intelligent people ,This girl will not be invested in , a wise man said that the greatest investment is human investment , this is human resources that every civilised country will be proud of .

Father put recording devices of daughter hair and catch daughter teacher on the act.

Protecting you child must the paramount thing for us as parents,maybe from harmful situation and and others, that is exactly how john felt when he saw that his lovely daughter , who is a happy and lovely girl is no longer happy and the way she does things has change

That is when everything go downhill that made john to put drastic measures into play,he neeeded to know what was wrong with her daughter and the reason why she cant tell him what was going on with her.

There is nothing like parent so that is why john has to do what he did, what of if it was your child ? wont you do the same. this story of john and is daughter was a perfect example.


Soldiers deploy to beere oyo state ibandan was caught on camera flogging a lady in the street for indecent dressing

The soldier that was who was chanting #ENDSARS also shave the hair of some of the youths because they where carrying improper hair style.

In this video that gone viral a lady where a speghatti top was made to sit of the floor and the soldier was giving her lashes of koboko for indecent dressing.

The lady who was begging the soldier who turn a deaf ear to the lady ,and the soldier was telling her not to protect her buttocks because that where he want the lashes to go to.

Speaking in yoruba one of the victims of the hair cut said he was in okada when the soldier ask him to come down and come to him and he said he was wondering what he has done because he was not with weapon or neither was he a fraudstar..

He later narated that they ask him to knee down and remove his cap and hey took a pair of scissors from their pocket and they later cut his hair and said to him that he was an improper hair style.

“the funny thing was that they took money for the hair cut”

Last week also some men Of Nigeria airforce was alos seen flogging youth and asking them to sleep on the mud for improper hair style and indecent dressing.


The friendship between tacha and tiwa savage is growing stroger as the duo was seen in a music video “ole” by tiwa savage.

The singer took to her instagram page that she feat tacha who is the reality TV star on her new video ole

Tiwa savage share a photo of the two of them both dressing alike as the stunned their fans almost wearing the same outfit.

The video also feat naira marley and fans cant stop complimenting the video

Here is a peek of the video showing tacha blow.

With over 15,000 likes and over 2,000 reposts on Tiwa’s post, many Nigerians who are Tacha’s fans expressed their excitement at the feature of their favorite person in the creative work.


Brazillian forward and PSG foward neymar junior got a straight Red card during the match with marseille 1.0 win following the attercation with marseille center half alvaro gonzalez at the parc de princes in paris.

Neymar was sent off following a VAR replay he aimed a jab to alvaro gozalez back head. As he was going out neymar told officials that he was racially abused.

“It’s a serious wrongdoing if that’s the case but I don’t think so,” Marseille coach Andre Villas-Boas said. “What we saw, what was visible, is that (Angel) Di Maria spat (on Gonzalez).”

With apparent reference to Gonzalez, Neymar tweeted afterwards: “The only regret I have is not hitting the face of this idiot.” In a later tweet, Neymar said “It is easy for the VAR (video review) to see my ‘aggression’” and added he was subjected to offensive insults of a racist nature.

“Neymar told me that it was a racist insult. I didn’t hear anything on the field,” PSG coach Thomas Tuchel said. “Racism in life, in all domains, in sport, should not exist.”

it was marseille first victory over PSG since 3.0 home since November 2011

Awesome Testimony

A 15-year-old was inside a bus, he got up and he said to the Passengers that the coming of the Lord Jesus was close. So a man shouted, shut up, you don’t know anything and that Jesus doesn’t even exists. The young man was embarrassed and sat down. But God kept bothering him so that he would rise again and keep talking about the coming of Jesus. And he obeyed the voice of God and kept saying: Jesus is coming back to repent of your evil ways and accept Him. Then the man rose with a child, we have arms to attack the young man, the child said to him: Do not hit him daddy he is a sent from God. Then the man fell to his knees and began to cry the young man asked him: Why are you crying? That man said: My son was mute and now he is talking..
Moral of the story: God is faithful and honor the faith of his chosen!
If you believe that God does miracles leave your amen